Tyler Ritter Talks about The McCarthys

October 29, 2014

CBS is known for their awesome comedy lineup, and their newest series is The McCarthys. Tyler Ritter plays Ronny McCarthy, and he spoke with DIRECTV about what viewers can expect this season.

Tell us about your character Ronny from The McCarthys

Ronny McCarthy is the youngest of four McCarthys. He’s part of this family that is Irish Catholic out of Boston—a sports-crazed bunch of dysfunctional folk, but Ronny sets himself apart a little bit. He’s not as obsessed with sports. Of course, he wants the Boston teams to win because that’ll keep his family sane, but he has other interests. He’s a high school guidance counselor, and that’s a passion of his. He’s relatively new to the dating world, having come out of the closet two years prior to the pilot, and he’s eager to find love and a companion in life. Dating doesn’t come so easily to him. He’s the most rational of all of the McCarthy clan. His family members can be so wild that sometimes Ronny can be the rock. I really just love playing this character so much. It’s such an honor to play a guy who gets to enjoy his surroundings all the time. You’ll see Ronny laughing all the time at his family’s antics and smiling with or at them. To get to play a character who is having so much fun in life is just a joy.

What was life like on set? You are working with some amazing actors, including Laurie Metcalf and Jimmy Dunn. 

Every day is more fun and more exciting, and as the cast gets closer, just more of a gift. Every day, you have seasoned actors like Laurie Metcalf and Jack McGee who have doing this for some time now. They get this format so well and know to come prepared on day one. They set the bar for an actor like me who, this is the biggest gig I’ve had up till now, so they really get to set the bar high for us. Then I get to work with Jimmy Dunn, Joey McIntyre, and Kelen Coleman who play my siblings, and we’re just having a blast. We’re all joking around with each other day in and day out. We’re putting in the work. We’re preparing every night, and then we just get to have fun! We’re playing characters who won’t hesitate to jab one another and overall just kinda play with each other. It encourages you as actors to do the same. The actors are feeding the characters, and the characters are feeding us. We really just get to have fun! There’s a lot of singing and dancing with the likes of Joey McIntyre and Jack McGee, who are both brilliant singers. Kelen Coleman also has an amazing voice. You’ll often hear Jack and Joey break into song, and then Jimmy Dunn will come in with some percussion, and I’ll lay down a little bass. It just feels like a family day in and day out.

Halloween is right around the corner. What is your favorite scary movie?

My favorite scary movie is Rosemary’s Baby.

When you have time, what other TV shows do you enjoy watching?

Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, and Cheers.

Why do you want people to tune-in to The McCarthys?

People have to tune in to The McCarthys because it will make you laugh. You’re going to identify with certain aspects of this family no matter where you’re from or who you are. The show has those unconditional qualities in a family that everyone will be able to get. Ultimately, we’re here to make you laugh and bring a smile to the end of your night on a Thursday and send you off into the weekend. We’re pretty confident that we’re going to do just that.

The McCarthys airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.


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