Highlights | November – December 2014

November 3, 2014

Start from the Beginning, No Matter When You Tune In

Start from the Beginning

No matter when you tune in!

If you’ve tuned into a show after it’s started, don’t worry, you can jump to the beginning of that program and watch right away. Plus, more shows and movies are available to you quicker than ever in the On Demand library—on your TV and all your mobile devices!

Make sure your HD DVR is connected to the Internet to get these exciting new features:

Start From the Beginning. Restart shows that are already in progress with one click. Just look for the (circular arrow symbol) on the screen.

Get Shows Faster. Select the (+) and you’ll be taken directly to that network’s available shows and movies.

Visit directv.com/getconnected to learn more.

Personalized Radio with the Click of a Button

With your DIRECTV subscription, you get music specially curated just for you with Pandora.

Enter an artist, track, or genre and Pandora creates a virtual radio station that plays songs it thinks you’ll like based on your entry. To start enjoying today at no additional charge, make sure your HD DVR is connected to the Internet and simply:

1. Press MENU on your remote
2. Select EXTRAS
3. Select PANDORA

We’ve already queued up a few holiday playlists to get you started! Learn more at directv.com/pandora

Let the Holidays Rock & Roll

Treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind concert—for FREE! Whether you’re entertaining or just looking for great entertainment, tune to AUDIENCE Channel 239 and enjoy an exclusive selection of intimate concerts and interviews. New episodes premiere Fridays at 9pm ET/PT:

• The Gaslight Anthem 11/14
• Billy Idol 11/21
• Cold War Kids 11/28
• Linkin Park 12/5
• Wiz Khalifa 12/12
• Ziggy Marley 12/19

Uncut and commercial-free, on AUDIENCE, Ch. 239, only on DIRECTV. Watch anytime on AUDIENCE On Demand Ch. 1239, or online at directv.com/audience

Master your DVR with Remote Shortcuts

Spend more time enjoying your programming with a few timesaving remote tricks.

You’re already comfortable with pause, rewind, fast-forward, and record, but did you know you can do more?

– Record an entire series by tapping the Record button twice when your favorite show is selected

– Use the Advance button to jump ahead 30 seconds

– Speed up your fast-forwarding or rewinding up to 4x just by pressing the button again to select your speed
– Use the Replay button to jump back 6 seconds

Try it today, and visit directv.com/remoteguide to learn more handy remote shortcuts.

Find All of Your Favorite Shows Fast

It’s quick and easy to discover a favorite new show or find one you already love. Simply press the GUIDE button on your remote twice to browse thousands of titles by category, such as:

• Kids’ programming
• Sporting events
• News programs

And that’s just the beginning. Visit directv.com/tips to learn more about all DIRECTV has to offer.

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