Talk Smack! Courtesy of the New FANTASY ZONE™ Channel

November 6, 2014

In fantasy football, victory is sweet. And smack talk makes it even sweeter.

With the new Smack Talk Generator, you can create personalized, animated smack talk GIFs to remind your buddies of how great you are—and how their fantasy game could use a little help.

To create a smack talk GIF, just visit and follow the simple directions. Then, you can post your custom-made GIF to your friend’s Facebook wall and other social media pages for everyone to see.

Smack all you want—it’s FREE. Courtesy of the new FANTASY ZONE™ channel on NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. You don’t need FANTASY ZONE™ to use the Smack Talk Generator. But your friends might need it to improve their fantasy game…

You earned it. They deserve it. Talk smack!

Talk smack now!

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