Five Sanity Saving Travel Tips

December 1, 2014

While there is no controlling the weather or traffic, you can make yourself the boss of your own personal travel experience, turning even the most chaotic airport into an oasis of entertainment. Here’s how DIRECTV– and a few techie gadgets – can take the bumps out of the road and make getting there half the fun.

Keep Juiced: Now that phones are virtual movie theaters, it’s easy to run out of battery before you run out of show. The best offense here is a good defense: extra portable power. There are two basic choices: a protective case that doubles as a battery, or an external charger. The cases are good but add bulk to your phone. The charger packs are good but you have to remember to charge and pack them (though you can usually buy one at the airport). Check ratings in Consumer Reports or with a reliable online review site before buying. Going overseas? Don’t forget you’ll need a plug adaptor in many countries.

Unleash Your DVR Playlist: With a DIRECTV GenieGO™ device you absolutely, positively can take it with you by catching up on your DVR Playlist while on the road—on your phone, tablet, laptop and more.1 And because DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports, you can DVR any games you miss during trip prep (based on sports Package subscription), then dive into a whole world of action in transit. Ditto for the DIRECTV original drama Kingdom and the DIRECTV-exclusive movie The Captive.

Double (or Triple) the Pleasure: A headphone splitter for your laptop or tablet is an inexpensive, tiny, and wonderful thing because it allows for shared viewing on planes or in noisy airports. There are several types that have more than two jacks—handy when all three of your kids or your companions want to watch the same movie.

Stand It Tall: Tablet viewing is more comfortable when you don’t have to hold the thing upright for 60 minutes straight. Tablet stands allow you to secure your beverage and hold hands with your significant other after plugging in the above-mentioned splitter. You can lean back, give your neck some support, and enjoy the right angle for a two-person viewing. (Don’t scoff. This will definitely lessen travel squabbling.)

Take a Photo, It Lasts Longer: Savvy travelers once photo-copied important documents, so as to have a record of important account numbers and forms of I.D. Today’s road warriors use their phones to take photos of their passport, driver’s license and credit cards, capturing those all important numbers. Another photo tip: when you leave your car at an airport parking lot — or any lot, actually — take a photo of the nearest marker to record that too.

1*Certain programming may not be compatible with this device. GenieGO device required and sold separately; requires DIRECTV subscription, DIRECTV HD DVR with DVR service, Mobile DVR service, high-speed Internet connection and compatible mobile device. In addition, a mobile device with 3G and/or Wi-Fi connection, iPhone 3GS OR 4/iPod Touch with OS v4.3 or higher, a computer running Windows XP SP2 or higher, Vista or higher, Windows 7, or MAC OS X 10.6.8 or higher is required. Only available on certain devices from certain providers. Additional data charges may apply. Blackout rules and local programming, if available, are based on customer’s service address. Must register account at to use feature. connections vary. iPhone, iPad and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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