Battleships Made From Cinnamon Buns? Only on Epic Meal Empire!

December 3, 2014

There’s no better solution to another boring meal than the spectacular new dishes presented on FYI’s Epic Meal Empire. Jack and Coke cupcakes, donut casseroles… Nothing is off limits to this amazing kitchen crew. Epic Meal team leader Harley Morenstein (aka the “Sauce Boss”) spoke with DIRECTV about the series.

What do you love most about your show  i?

The scale and size of the meals! On our internet based show ­ Epic Meal Time­ we make big meals but on Epic Meal Empire we have budget to go even bigger! We put a man in a Mentos suit into 400 liters of diet coke. We’ve made an 8 foot battleship out of Cinnabons. There’s no limit anymore.

Of all the meals you have made on the show which is your favorite?

I love the TaterBot, which was a 6 foot robot made of tater tots, Shepard’s pie, burgers and grilled cheese. We fed it to children. And, it also has special place in my heart since it was the first episode of Epic Meal Empire.

If you could have any cook come on the show to-create a new dish who would it be?

Jamie Oliver. He’s our buddy and we’ve worked with him a couple of times before. But it would be awesome to have him on the show.

The holidays are coming up. What do you like to eat around this time?

MEAT. I love steak and hamburgers all year round.

Do you have any guilty TV pleasures on your DVR?

Bar Rescue and Bad Girls Club. I love Jon Taffer destroying people then giving them a nice bar. I love crazy girls throwing each other’s clothes in the pool then being best friends.

Epic Meal Empire airs Fridays at 10ET/11PT on FYI.

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