“We don’t do happily ever after so well.” Antony Starr Discusses Banshee Season Three

January 15, 2015

Season three of the action-packed Cinemax® series Banshee started with a serious bang last Friday. Sexy New Zealander, Antony Starr plays “Lucas Hood,” ex-con and master thief, who imposes his own brand of justice in a not-so-quiet Pennsylvania town. Starr took time to discuss his role, the series, and what fans can look forward to in season three.

What can we expect for your character this season?

Lucas starts the season in unfamiliar territory, in a position of relative calm. There is no immediate threat on his life in the aftermath of season two and the killing of Rabbit. He has the first real chance at a relationship that may actually work. He is a dad and wants to take the life he always believed he should have. We have never seen the character like this. He is as new to us as this new lifestyle is to him.

This will (of course) be threatened and beat up in typical Banshee fashion. We don’t do happily ever after so well. Oh—and, of course—he is still living under a false identity and could be exposed at any time, living a complete lie. Well, nobody’s perfect, right?

The season is arguably the most intense yet. We have mid-season events that are mind-blowing. It’s exciting and lots of action, but all anchored in what’s going on for the characters and a good, solid story. Fans will not be disappointed.

What do you like most about doing the show?

It really is a fantastic creative team. We have the good fortune to have awesome writers Adam Targum and Jonathan Tropper, and a great cast that all get on well. We are lucky enough to have O.C. Madsen, our European director. He blew everyone away early on in season one with his great episodes and has continued to set the pace.

Cinemax is so supportive of the show, and it’s great to feel that backing on a job. Awesome people and amazing to work with. Really some great people around that are super talented and make all of the bumps and bruises, grueling shoot, and huge workload all worth it.

If you could have anyone guest star on the show who would it be?

That’s a difficult question to answer—there are so many great people around that would fit into the show well. But I have to say one person that springs to mind is Australian actor Daniel Henshall. I saw him in a film called Snowtown a few years ago and was blown away. Also would be good to have another Antipodean around.

When you have the time what do you enjoy watching?

There’s so much good TV around now so the choices are harder—the battle for our attention is fiercer than ever. I find the choice overwhelming and tend not to watch too much if I’m honest. I love The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Justified. Also, Grahame Norton.

What movie are you most looking forward to seeing in 2015?

Well, I’m a sucker for dinosaurs, so I guess Jurassic World.

Watch Banshee season three Fridays 10/9c on Cinemax (Ch. 515).




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