What You Need to Know Before the Vikings Premiere

February 5, 2015

On February 19 at 10/9c, Vikings returns to the shores of HISTORY (Ch. 269). But if you’ve missed the first two seasons, don’t fret.  Catch season 1 on HISTORY, this Friday, February 13 or DVR it that day, and catch season 2 now on DIRECTV On Demand (Ch. 1269). To get you started, here’s a helpful video and a few things to remember.

Know that being a Norseman isn’t easy: Not only do you have to worry about things like maintaining your land, but you also have to reconcile your intense feelings of wayward instinct and ambition—along with deciding how to best utilize your revolutionary, yet unproven, navigation tool. At least that’s what our hero Ragnar is grappling with.

Know that sibling rivalry is serious business: Sometimes your brother (Rollo) resents you for you assent to power and covets your wife (sheildmaden Lagertha). Just something to keep in the back of your mind.

Know that power is hard to keep: They say “all men are ambitious,” and that means pretty much all men are trying to jump in line to be the next king…so watch your back. Power is always dangerous.

Know that Paris is next on the itinerary: By the time you’ve made it to season 3, there will have been plenty of sacking. Next on the list? Paris. Will the Viking’s forces have enough power to take the marble city? Fingers crossed for oui.

Dive deeper into the world of Vikings by catching up on past episodes season 1 on HISTORY this Friday, Feb. 13, and season 2 now streaming and On Demand, so you’ll be ready for the conquests to come on February 19 at 10/9c on HISTORY (Ch. 269).

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