6 Movies to Watch This Valentine’s Day, No Matter Your Situation

February 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend this year, giving you even more time to spend it properly: settling in and watching romantic movies. We’ve rounded up six of our favorite flicks—all available on DIRECTV CINEMA®. Enjoy the many faces of passion—whether you are watching as couple, or thanking your lucky stars that you’re still single.

1. Playing It Cool: In this rom-com that upends the very conventions of rom-com, Captain America himself, Chris Evans, tries to steal the girl of his dreams, while also writing a true story about finding the girl of your dreams. Meta!

2. The Best of Me: Nicholas Sparks didn’t invent gut-wrenching romance, but he’s a master of love lost and potentially found again. Here, high school sweethearts reunite after 20 years. They try to pick up where they left off, only to find their problems from the past aren’t gone.

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel: Yes, it’s a visually stunning caper about the ultimate concierge, Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes). But because it’s directed by Wes Anderson there’s also a tender romance between a lobby boy and a sweet baker. Watch it and be charmed!

4. Love Is Strange: Unexpected money troubles force Ben and George to temporarily live apart—and to learn a lot more than they’d like to about their loved ones.

5. Gone Girl: OK, we see how you might think this choice is unconventional. But if you’re spending the holiday single, perhaps a psychological thriller…

6. John Wick: Want to believe love is real? Watch Keanu Reeves rage once the last memento of his dead wife is taken away, and you’ll understand true, unbridled passion.

Watch any of these movies (or whatever else your heart desires) now.

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