The Stars of Gotham Talk Pleasing Rabid Fans and Tease the Joker

February 16, 2015

FOX’s runaway hit Gotham has proven that the early years of the commissioner are of just as fascinating as those of the caped crusader. As season 1 progressed, fans not only saw the beginnings of Bruce Wayne’s quest to clean up the city that took his parents, but also the origins of super villains like the Penguin, Scarecrow, Catwoman, and the Riddler. We visited the set as the show was teasing its biggest reveal yet: a potential Joker. Here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots.



Ben McKenzie has slipped effortlessly from playing a good cop on Southland to the more grizzled detective James Gordon on Gotham. He loves the show’s unpredictable pace.

“I think what’s really wonderful about the show is that you genuinely don’t know from moment-to-moment what’s going to happen. We have villains coming in every week—some of whom stick around, and some of whom don’t. And we have cops and sort of good guys who come in, who you think are going to last and change things, and some of them don’t make it,” said Mckenzie. His personal favorite of the rotating cast of baddies are villains who play with psychological methods of menacing and “ignite a fire in Gordon.”

Donal Logue plays the not-quite-bad-cop Harvey Bullock. He’s thrilled that one part of the show isn’t unpredictable: FOX has already renewed Gotham for season 2, guaranteeing there will be more stories to tell.

“It’s great knowing that we’re already picked up for season 2. It’s a new feeling for me because in 27 years, I’ve never known in early February what I’d be doing through the year and into the next. But here we are, which is fantastic.”

Logue is a veteran actor who has excelled in projects as diverse as Grounded for Life, Sons of Anarchy, and Terriers. Once he learns his dialogue for the rest of the day, he allows himself wonder what could happen to the characters next.

“We muse a lot amongst ourselves over how certain things are going to unfold, or when certain reveals are going to be made,” Logue admitted. “But we don’t really know that far in advance. We’re basically just a couple of steps ahead of the audience, but not as many as you would think.”

While Logue and his kids are fans of Batman mythology, he admits that the balance of trying to please the die-hards is “tricky.”

“There are a lot of incredibly passionate DC comic fans—even my neighbor across the street here in Brooklyn. He’s older than I am. He wears a Batman t-shirt and as I walk down the street he yells, ‘You better not f- it up.’ There’s a lot of passion out there. We feel it. We’re up for the challenge.”

So how is the show planning to bring it? By teeing up one of the biggest Batman villains yet — the Joker, who according to the cast could be showing up very soon.

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With all these villains dropping in and out, you have to wonder why anyone lives in Gotham at all.

Gotham airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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