BKB Returns with New Fight Technology, as Gabe Rosado Defends His Title Against Curtis Stevens

February 19, 2015

Big Knockout Boxing returns to DIRECTV on April 4 with not just a huge match-up, but technology that could revolutionize the sport forever. Gabe Rosado defends his Middleweight Big Knockout Boxing (BKB) Championship from hard-hitting New Yorker, “Showtime” Curtis Stevens at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

When BKB bowed in August, it introduced an intense close-range format. “The Pit,” circular fighting space, took away the ropes and traditional square space, forcing the action to the center for more head-to-head matchups. Now, BKB has another trick up its glove. Now, BKB has another trick up it’s glove.

BKB is introducing a first-of-its-kind technology that gives fans real-time updates. In the wrist of the fighters’ gloves will be a microchip, similar to a Bluetooth, measuring pounds-per-inch velocity and force in real time. As the punches are thrown, stats spill out in real-time graphics, helping fans see just how the fight is progressing.

For a fighter like reigning champ Gabe Rosado, BKB’s new approach offers him a clean start in the ring. “I just loved the excitement that it brought,” Rosado said in a press conference announcing the event. “Getting involved in BKB felt like something new something and fresh.”

For challenger “Showtime” Curtis Stevens, the idea of the tighter ring is intriguing, but at the end of the day, he’s considers himself a powerful opponent, no matter the venue.”I’m an aggressive fighter in general,” Stevens said. “There’s no ropes within the BKB format, so it should fit my style very well. I’m a fighter in general, so you could put me in any aspect or any area and I’ll fight.”

Stevens has been training with legendary boxer “Sugar” Shane Mosley and working on reinstating techniques he has previously forsaken. For him, the shorter time harkens back to his younger days donning gloves.

“It’s two minutes, regular boxing is three minutes. You get in, you get out,” Stevens said. “Rewind it back to the time when I was 17, 16, 15. I get in and put the pain on him.”

Though Rosado disagrees. “It’s nothing like the amateurs.” With these two heavyweights we imagine not. In fact, Stevens promises it.

“Should be all fireworks come April 4,” Stevens said.

BKB returns to the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas on April 4 at 10pm ET. Besides the main matchup the other fighters include.

  • Middleweight: Jesus Soto Karass – Hollywood, CA vs. Ed Paredes – Miami, FL
  • Middleweight: David Estrada – Chicago, IL vs. Khurshid Abdullaev – St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Cruiserweight: Anthony Johnson – San Jose, CA vs. Joe Montoya – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Welterweight: Javier Garcia – Oxnard, CA vs. Jonathan Chicas – San Francisco, CA
  • Welterweight: Herbert Acevedo – Garden City, KS vs. William Hutchinson – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Welterweight: Gabe Duluc – Boston, MA vs. Antonio Canas – Chicago, IL
  • Heavyweight: Julian Pollard – Brockton, MA vs. Elijah McCall – Chicago, IL

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