4 Reasons to Fall In Love With Billy & Billie Tonight

March 3, 2015

They say you can’t chose who you fall in love with. And that’s especially true for the protagonists of Billy & Billie, the new DIRECTV original series premiering tonight at 8/7c on AUDIENCE Network (Ch. 239). The rub: their parents have already chosen each other, which makes their fledging relationship—not as just a couple, but as stepsiblings—a touch more complicated. Why should you spend time investing in them? Let us give you the pros.

1. Because who wouldn’t fall in love with Adam Brody: The former Mr. Seth Cohen has only gotten more charming (and become a more accomplished actor) since he days on The O.C., knocking guest spots in stellar comedies like New Girl and The League out of the park. Can he use that signature humor and mop of hair to win over his stepsister?

2. And because who wouldn’t fall in love with Lisa Joyce: As a deadpan foil to Billy, Lisa Joyce makes droll adorable, and shines bright after gracing us with a mixture of smaller roles in Boardwalk Empire, The Following, and The Messenger.

3. Because it’s penned by Neil LaBute: Fans of the prolific playwright know that his dialogue and occasionally cynical tone mean that this isn’t your usual romantic comedy romp. One can’t help but wonder what an innovator like LaBute will do without having to tie things up in the length of a play.

4. Because don’t you want to see if this works: Because really, if two stepsiblings can find love, how can’t we believe that there truly is a lid for every pot?

Don’t miss the premiere of Billy & Billie tonight at 8/7c on AUDIENCE Network (Ch. 239).

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