Catch The Deadliest Catch When It Returns For Season 11

April 14, 2015

The Deadliest Catch has been reeling in viewers for 10 seasons with its gritty chronicle of the lives of fisherman plumbing the Bering Sea. When the show returns on April 14, the stakes will be just as high, as the crew tackles another season in the waters of Alsaka, this time with new challenges and bigger storms. We sat down with “Wild Bill” Wichrowski to find out just what’s in store.

What’s different about this season from seasons past? How does it feel going into the 11th season of this show?
The shooting technology has been changed up this year. We’re using new cameras that created some challenges with the cameramen and crew, but the result is a really high-end look and beautiful shots. Discovery has again raised the bar.

The rules of crabbing have changed a bit. What kind of pressure did that add to you guys as you were getting out on the water?
The thing that affected us the most was that people fished Bairdi crab at the very beginning of the season, so by the time we finished fishing King and Opies to fish Bairdi, the fishing grounds had a lot of pressure, and a lot of the quota had already been harvested.

You guys always get into a bit of pranks during the runs, what can we expect on that front?
We all use pranks to add a little levity and break up the monotony out there at sea, but you’ll have to tune-in to see them!

Looking back, what are some of your favorite moments that you’ve gotten to share with fans?
It may sound crazy, but a completion of a season without any injury or major equipment failure means that I completed my job well, and those are the moments I look forward to most. Beyond that, the most rewarding (and most scrutinized) moments are in my relationship with Zach. When things are going well, the fans and viewers love it, but when we’re having conflict, there’s a lot pressure from the fans.

It looks like this season has you facing one of the biggest storms yet. What can you tell us about that typhoon?
The storm that came from Japan was said to bring us the lowest recorded barometric pressure in Alaska history, meaning some of the most severe weather we’ve ever seen. We had to prepare with many more drills and protocols to face what could have potentially come our way. You’ll have to watch the show, though, to see how it affected our fishing.

What’s one thing you always pack when you head out on the boat?
More so now than ever before, water has become the most important thing for me to bring on the boat. I take more water into the wheelhouse than I ever have before.

When you guys do get to watch TV, what are some of your favorite shows?
I’m a car fanatic so anything to do with classic cars, muscle cars, or buying/trading cars. That what I like to watch.

Don’t miss the The Deadliest Catch, returning Tuesday, April 14 at 9/8c on Discovery (Ch. 278).

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