Boomtowners Taps Into the American Dream

April 17, 2015

Smithsonian Channel is about to break new ground in reality TV with a show that tackles the bustling oil business in North Dakota. The surprising surge in oil in the Balkan Basin has lead to an industrial revolution, bringing in tons of would-be money-makers and changing life for the area’s longtime residents.

Oil isn’t the only thing that’s suddenly surging. Arrests in the city have increased by 165 percent in the last three years. How will the town cope with these major changes? The population is shifting dramatically as not just those interested in making money, but scofflaws and criminals move in to try to pick off easy money. How will those who’ve come to this modern gold rush make their fortunes?

The show tracks folks in all walks of the big changes: a trucker pulling 14-hour days, a pastor who works in the oilfields to make ends meet, a judge trying to mitigate the surging crime rate, and a gun-toting women trying to preserve the land she loves.

Boomtowners premieres on Sunday, April 26 at 9 ET/PT on the Smithsonian Channel (Ch. 570).

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