The Cast Talks About a Very Interesting Person of Interest Finale

May 1, 2015

When this season of Person of Interest wraps up May 5, it’s sure to be with a bang. With promos touting death and rebirth, one wonders what to expect for the cast—and for The Machine itself. We met with the cast and crew to discuss what to expect from the finale, and where Season 5 might head from there.

We’re having a hard time figuring out what to make of the character Root. Is she fun to play?
Amy Acker (who plays “Root”): It’s so much fun! We were just at the airport, and I love when people come up to me and are say, “You’re the character we love to hate to love to hate.” And then they lose track! But it’s really fun because I get to do so many different things. I never know from episode-to-episode whether it’s going to be a super emotional one or a funny one. It’s great as an actor getting to do all those different things, especially when you have amazing writers like Jonah (Nolan) and Greg (Plageman). They give us no idea what’s coming up, but it’s fun.

A few episodes back, Reese asked Finch to learn how to use a gun fearing he “wouldn’t be around forever” to protect him. Is there a deeper foreshadowing here?
Jim Caviezel (“John Reese”): I wonder. We all have our own rules and boundaries and things, which make things interesting, but our characters get tested. And sometimes like family, we don’t always get along. The writers do a great job of creating mystery and keeping that going, keeping people asking questions and wanting them to turn the page.
Michael Emerson (“Harold Finch”): The writers do a great job of setting up a long game with narrative and reveals. If you see Mr. Finch refuse to handle a gun too many times it’s probably inevitable that he’ll have to handle one.

Can you believe that you are still here at Season 4?
Kevin Chapman (“Lionel Fusco”): While I would like to take a lot of credit for that (laughs), the writing staff is probably the best writing staff I’ve ever worked with. Our story lines continue to evolve—we were talking about your electronic footprint with cell phones and email back in Season 1. Here we are in Season 4, and if you look at recent activities with the NSA, it makes us start to look like a reality show. It’s weird and frightening, but it’s very much a part of society. I’m really happy to be a part of something that has shed a little light on these topics.

Where do you want to see your character go in Season 5?
Kevin Chapman: I would like Fusco to be brought in on the Machine. We’re in Season 4 now, and he still has no knowledge of it, so I would really welcome that. I’m very excited to see how that would unfold.
Amy Acker: We end up in a pretty crazy place, so… You know last year was kind of a reboot for this show, and we all came back wanting to know what these new identities were going to be and what was going to happen. This year, I have no idea what they’re going to do next. [This finale] leaves us hanging as much as the audience.

What’s coming in Season 5?
Jonathan Nolan (creator): Just when the audience thinks things can’t get any more hectic, dangerous, diabolical, we always try to punch through that to find a new level of, as Finch said, “you know this thing is not going to end well” for all these people. Season 5 is going to be even bloodier than Season 4 I would imagine.
Greg Plageman (executive producer): The danger of broadcast TV sometimes is, you want to keep it going but at the risk of becoming comfort food. We never want to be that.

Don’t miss the season 4 finale of Person of Interest on Tuesday, May 5th at 10/9c on CBS.

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