Lori Loughlin Talks Full House and Her Full Plate

May 7, 2015

Fans have many reasons to love Lori Loughlin. Her character Jennifer Shannon has a gift for solving a Garage Sale Mystery. She charms the whole town as Abigail Stanton on When Calls the Heart. And as Rebecca on Full House, she’s part of the warmest, fuzziest feelings you have about the ‘90s.

We talked to her about upcoming projects—and why she thinks fans are so ready for more Full House.

Tell us about Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room from your character’s perspective.
From Jennifer Shannon’s perspective, she’s always intrigued by a mystery. So, she’s the person that when the police are ready to put it to bed and close the case, she has a hunch and she keeps at it until she solves the mystery.

Over the course of your career you’ve acted in both television shows and films. How is working on a project like this different?
It’s the first time I’ve done a series of TV movies where I’m playing the same character. I like the consistency of playing the same character. I think that it’s fun for the fans because each time they know exactly who all the characters are. They like the characters, and they enjoy spending time with them. The bonus is that there’s always a new mystery we’re solving.

How excited are you about Season 2 of When Calls the Heart?
I’m pretty excited for Season 2 of When Calls the Heart, and I’m hoping that there will be a season 3!

Can you tell us a bit about where your character Abigail Stanton is headed this year?
She is headed for greener pastures. Abigail is starting over in life. She’s opening her heart up to the possibility of new romance. She’s watching her business, Abigail’s Café, grow and become more successful. Her friendship with Elizabeth is deepening and getting even stronger.

Why do you think people are so interested in a Full House reboot?
Because I think Full House is a very loved television show. A lot of people grew up on the show and loved the characters. We had a great time doing the show, and I think that still comes across to the audience. I think they still want to spend time with the Tanner family. We’ve touched so many generations.

What TV show are you currently watching that you couldn’t live without?
I really like House of Cards, and I’m looking forward to having time to catch up on the latest season!

Dont miss Lori Loughlin on Garage Sale Mystery: The Deadly Room on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries (Ch. 565) on Monday, May 25 at 9/8c. And on When Calls the Heart on Saturdays at 8/7c The Hallmark Channel (Ch. 312).

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