How Do Kathie Lee and Hoda Feel TODAY?

May 11, 2015

It’s possible that no one has as much fun on TV as Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The dynamic duo has been drinking through the fourth hour of The Today Show since 2007, serving zingers and quips along with hilarious interviews and lighter news. But what’s it really like behind-the-scenes with the two busiest morning people in daytime?

First things first, ladies, you guys look like you have so much fun together every morning. What do you guys like about working together?
Kathie Lee: Nothing
Hoda: Not one thing, seriously. [Laughs]
Kathie: We are the best actresses on television. I can’t stand the woman. No, what I love is every time I come in in the morning, no matter what kind of a mood I’m in, Hoda-Woman is sunshine on legs. And she’s got amazing Egyptian legs. Have you noticed her toes? They’re incredible. She is my Egyptian goddess. She’s always in the best mood, and I’m so glad that I’ve made the schlep from Connecticut to be with her.
Hoda: You know what’s funny? We met seven years ago. There are certain people you meet in your life that will be impermanent and certain people that will be there a lifetime.
Kathie: It’s called “long haul”. . .
Hoda: . . .Whether you like it or not. . . I knew when I met Kath—Kath’s one of those people. Some people, the more you know them, the less you like them. Kath is the more you know her, the more you like her.
Kathie: That is so true. Truer words have never been spoken. In fact, at the end you love her and are nominating her for a Nobel peace prize. That’s just the kind of gal I am.

Who has been your favorite guests so far?
Kathie: Ricky Gervais. He’s my favorite atheist. I love him.
Hoda: He is so funny. He can say anything to you. He can call you names to your face—but because he’s Ricky, it’s funny.
Kathie: He’s just great, great, great fun, and he’s got a heart of gold. He really is.. We just adore him. But then, like last week, we had one of my favorite longtime friends, Alan Alda. It’s always a big crapshoot [with guests] because you never know. You look at the rundown and sometimes the people you think are going to be great aren’t necessarily great, and the people you think “Snoresville of the universe, yawn” end up being amazing guests. Kathryn Hahn, we had today. We’ve loved her since the first time she came on. I didn’t even know who she was then, and she’s just hysterically funny.
Hoda: It seems like when they come on our show, and they see the wine and the festive atmosphere. . .
Kathie: We get them juiced up a little bit.
Hoda: That helps. And then therefore they are funny no matter what. And we don’t even care if they’re not.
Kathie: Why would we care?

Dream guest, who would you love to have on the fourth hour with you?
Kathie: I’d love to have a gentleman that I’ve become friendly with and I just adore—Hugh Jackman. I’d love to have Hugh Jackman come on.
Hoda: Yeah why don’t we have him on?
Kathie: I don’t know. It’s not because he doesn’t love us.
Hoda: And I think we should have Kate Middleton with her baby, the new one.
Kathie: As for the prince, we’ve already set him up with Kelly Clarkson’s little baby River Rose.
Hoda: We think that’s a marriage made in heaven, don’t you think?

You both have played yourself in a lot of shows and movies, famously in First Wives Club. . .
Kathie: I stole that picture. I did.

I’d love to know if there are any fun, behind-the-scenes stories you can share from those dips into acting?
Kathie: It’s what’s coming out, biggest movie of the summer, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
Hoda: What was our favorite line?
Kathie: Well, we don’t want to give it away because it’s going to be big. I could smell the Emmy as we were doing it. At least I think that’s what I smelled.
Hoda: By the way, they gave us lines and copy, and Kath changed it on the spot, so if there is an Emmy to be had, Kathie Lee should get it.
Kathie: Thank you!
Hoda: We had to slay the sharks, it’s going to be good. We’re not sure if we’re dead or alive at the end. We don’t know.

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