Five Reasons to Watch the 5-Part Miniseries Texas Rising

May 19, 2015

HISTORY is diving into the past and exploring the origins of the Texas Rangers and the state’s uprising against Mexico. The five-part miniseries, Texas Rising, starts Memorial Day weekend and tells the epic story of the outlaws turned lawmen who fought the Mexican General Santa Anna to liberate Texas from Mexico.

While this series tackles the Lone Star state, there’s much more than one reason to watch. Here are five must-see reasons to tune in for every part of the miniseries:

1. A Texas-sized cast: To tell this sweeping tale, HISTORY pulled together a stellar cast, featuring big names like Bill Paxton, Oliver Martinez, Jeffry Dean Morgan, Ray Liotta, and more.
2. It’s from the Hatfields & McCoys team: And you can trust that the team that tackled the greatest rivalry of all time can perfectly portray the tensions on the Texas frontier.
3. Kris Kristofferson stars, and also sings: The country legend doesn’t just strap on a pair of boots to play Andrew Jackson, he also covers Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” for the show’s soundtrack.
4. Cowboy Couture: We’d be remiss to say watch anything for the outfits, so instead let’s just agree—watch it for the sideburns.
5. So you can finally understand Texas: Texas talks a lot of talk, but there is a reason the state has such an outsized ego. Learning the lore behind the famed Texas Rangers, “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” and what went down after the Alamo might just give you some insight into the most individual state in the union.

Don’t miss Texas Rising premiering May 25 at 9/8c on HISTORY (Ch. 269).

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