How Liam Neeson Became Our Favorite Tough Guy

June 12, 2015

Remember when Liam Neeson was slightly less deadly? It seems so far away, but there was a time you didn’t immediately picture this Best Actor Oscar nominee with a gun. Or at least he wasn’t the first person you’d call for if you needed someone with, well, “a particular set of skills.” But after years of making deeply dramatic pieces, something changed. He stomped through Taken taking just about everything he wanted and became the world’s favorite action hero.

And if you need your Neeson fix, we’ve got you covered. A Walk Among the Tombstones finds Liam Neeson as a not-quite-on-the-up-and-up detective after some time working as a police officer. When a heroin trafficker hires him to hunt down the men who kidnapped and killed his wife, Neesom finds something more twisted than even this grizzled former cop could imagine.

A Walk Among the Tombstones is available On Demand.

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