6 Things We Learned From Ricky Schroder’s Reddit AMA

June 18, 2015

To celebrate the finale of The Fighting Season, accomplished child-actor turned documentary filmmaker, Ricky Schroder fielded questions in a rousing Redddit “Ask Me Anything.” And Schroder definitely doesn’t hold back. He addresses the difficulties of transitioning out of being a child star, spills on who has been tough to work with in his Hollywood career, and shares if there really is an “Illuminati.” Here are our favorite questions.

On what’s next for The Fighting Season
Tommysfat: Are you going back to Afghanistan to shoot more footage for another The Fighting Season type documentary?
RickySchroder: I’m looking at various options for the future to do more Fighting Season-type content. Afghanistan is transitioning now to an Afghan-led mission. They are taking the reins over for the war now, and they are conducting all the operations and missions. And so Afghanistan, it’s unlikely that I’ll go back, but I’m looking at Iraq right now, to see what’s going on there with the fight against ISIS.

His advice for up-and-coming documenatrians
PearlTheCat: Thanks for doing this Rick. After your experience on The Fighting Season, what advice would you give other aspiring documentary filmmakers?
RickySchroder: Choose your subject matter carefully. Because you’re gonna live with it for a while. The project is going to consume your thoughts and your time and your energy. So choose your subject matter carefully. I think that to make it through the noise that’s involved, and the adversity you’re going to have to overcome, you’re really going to have to care what you’re telling the story about.

On why he produced The Fighting Season
AccordingToSarah: Hi Ricky, Thanks for doing this AMA. What made you want to produce The Fighting Season? Every episode is so intense and really dangerous. You guys seemed like you were one the front lines, were you ever scared?
RickySchroder: You know, I wanted to produce The Fighting Season to document how hard ending a war is. Starting a war is somewhat simple. But ending this war is complicated and hard. So I wanted to document how we left Afghanistan, what we accomplished (or failed to accomplish) in the past 14 years, so when we look back, we can have perhaps a real debate in the future of the nation about the role of nation-building and whether or not it works in faraway lands that may or may not be capable of having our form of governance.

On working with Kiefer Sutherland
Bobfmbuf: How did you like working on 24? Was Kiefer Sutherland as difficult to work with as others have said?
RickySchroder: Kiefer’s a good dude, he owned that role, and everybody loved him in it. Kiefer’s not the easiest guy to work with though. Loved working on the show. Would be happy to do some more on it! Kiefer just needs to have a little more fun on-set.

On how he survived the child star curse
redditorx13579: Ricky! You’re looking great these days! So many child stars of your generation didn’t survive the curse. Tell us how you made it?
RickySchroder: You know, I’m just stubborn. I won’t quit. And so I guess the trick is just perseverance. There’s a lot more talented guys out there than me. Many, many more. But I think I’ve been able to still work and be relevant because I persevere and quit just isn’t something I’ve ever done. And so I think that’s how I made it.

On rumors of a Hollywood “mafia”
RaveRacerN64: Hey is there any truth to the Illuminati in Hollywood?
RickySchroder: I’m not into conspiracy theories. Never have been.

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