The Rock Gets Into Business on Ballers

June 19, 2015

If you’re The Rock, life is pretty good. You’re a beloved action star with another hit movie under your belt (this summer’s San Andres). And you’re pretty good at mugging—his recent appearance on Saturday Night Live was hilarious. And you’re launching what is a sure-to-be-beloved show starting this weekend on HBO.

In Ballers, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a Spencer Strasmore, a former football player, looking to make his name outside of the game. While he still looks big enough to take someone down, he’s changed gears to business management for current players. But even though he’s now off the field, he may still miss hitting people.

Don’t miss the premiere of Ballers on Sunday, June 21 at 10pm on HBO (Ch. 501). 

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