Tyler Posey Teases a Dark Season of Teen Wolf

June 29, 2015

For four seasons Tyler Posey has charmed fans as part-werewolf/all-teen Scott McCall, just a regular high schooler coping with identity issues and blood-thirsty werewolf hunters. Before what promises to be an extra dark season of Teen Wolf, Posey sat down with us to talk about his best on set memories and stepping into an even larger role this season.

Season 5 of Teen Wolf premieres on Monday. What can you tell us about this season?
From the beginning, it was already panning out to be one of the best seasons we’ve ever done. Everyone was backing it, and was so passionate when we first started, and so ready to get back to work. Really, really good vibes right before we started working, and then we just carried it on through the rest of the season. Usually towards the end of the season, everyone is so drained and so overworked that it becomes work instead of fun. That didn’t happen this season. Everyone just had fun until the end. It was incredible.

It’s a dark season, but it’s also really gory. We have some new elements in the show that try to pull our pack apart from each other. We always kind of have elements that want to separate the pack, but we’ve never had this. This is huge. We’ve never had to deal with anything like this before.

My character has a really interesting arc this season that carries into the next season, which is the first time we’ve ever done that—usually the arcs are resolved by the end of each season. My character gets beaten down mentally and physically and is at a really low, dark point where we’ve never seen him before. He’s really vulnerable, so it’s challenging and my god, so rewarding. We’ve got some great new villains this season called “The Dread Doctors” and a bunch of other crazy supernatural creatures that you won’t even know what to expect. Cody Christian is one of our new cast members this season. He’s incredible and just a great human being. New love interests for some castmates. More Scott and Kira—great scenes between them. Maybe they figure out where they stand in relationships? A bunch of stuff!

What was life like on the set when you were filming the show?
It was the best. I was also a producer this season, so it was new for me. It made me appreciate the show even more. I sacrificed more to the show, and it was great having a different viewpoint and really having a say. I felt more attached to the show than I already did. It was very humbling. Real different experience.

After five seasons you must have so many fun memories with the cast. Any in particular that stand out?
The are so many. Cody Christian, Dylan, and I celebrated Cody’s birthday at my house, which was really fun. I would say all of my favorite memories are off set, but that’s not true. On set we’ve had some good stuff, too. I feel like this was such a good moment— Dylan and I had both just wrapped. We just hung out in his car and chilled and listened to music and just talked for like three hours. It was just incredible. I love that kid. I’ve never had a relationship with anybody like him before. Our friendship is so loyal. We just had a really good conversation, so I love that moment. I love those things. It’s good to have a friend like that because there are a lot of surface friends who just like to have fun and don’t have deep conversations. You need those sometimes. But it’s really awesome to see you see your friend in different lights.

You’re always working on so many projects, what’s next for you?
My next project, I don’t know. Acting-wise I have no idea. My friend and I are trying to make a film. I don’t know when that’s going to be. I have a podcast that I do now, which is really fun. Music, I’m always working on my music. I’m hoping to have some new music out soon. What else? I’m probably going to get tattooed, ride some motorcycles, skateboard, and stuff, I don’t know. Do everything. I’m 23 so I’m going to do everything. I’ve got a lot of aspirations and I want to write scripts and just keep working on my career and producing stuff, but nothing really set in stone besides my podcasts, music, and the projects that I’m hoping to create myself.

Who is your favorite person to follow on Twitter?
I follow a bunch of fans so when I go on my timeline it’s just flooded with thousands and thousands of things, so I just look at my mentions. I don’t have a favorite person I follow on Twitter. I interact with my fans on Twitter and read tweets so I can respond. I use it to talk to them. I love Mark Hoppus. Blink-182 is my favorite band so I’ll just say him.

Don’t miss the Season 5 premiere of Teen Wolf tonight at 10/9c on MTV (Ch. 331).

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