Nicole Richie Gets Extra Candid

July 6, 2015

The first season of Nicole Richie’s first solo reality outing, Candidly Nicole, brought forth the same brand of irreverent humor that’s made her loveable since The Simple Life days. And now, she’s back to tackle the usual troubles—that for her, are anything but usual. We chatted about the new season, which returns to VH1 on July 29.

Season 2 of Candidly Nicole is coming out this summer. How candid are you getting this season?
This show for me is where I am able to explore and make fun of myself and have so much fun. That is 100 percent of what you are going to get this season. We are talking about things that every one can relate to: being spread too thin, not having time on your hands, feeling like there was more than one of you, learning about the art world, learning about communicating with each other, and the breakdowns in communication with every form of relationship. While I am on the show, that is me living that experience and that is something that everyone will be able to see.

There were so many great cameos on the show last season. Can you tell us who might show up this season?
I am not sure who I can say will be on the show, but the most exciting part for me about the show is that this is a space for me to explore and learn, and I can do that through different guests on the show. If there is a topic that I want to learn more about or something that I want more knowledge in, I have been lucky enough to have some amazing people on the show to kind of bring me into that space.

You are an avid Twitter user. Who are your favorite people you follow on Twitter?
I like to follow comedians. There are people like Jenny Johnson (who I love), Caprice Crane, Rivka Rossi (one of my best friends, she is hysterical) and Patton Oswalt. I really use it to laugh, and those are the people that I love following. I also follow people who follow me. I think I follow over 15,000 people.

When you have the time what TV shows do you love to watch?
I don’t watch a lot of TV, but of course I watch Empire and Scandal. My favorite show on TV this year is Cosmos on FOX.

What is your favorite place to travel to?
This year, I am actually in more of a home space and trying not to think about traveling. But I love to be warm on a beach. Actually, my girlfriends and I take a beach vacation together every year. It is the same group of eight girls, and I look forward to it every year.

If Lifetime made a movie about your life what would it be called?
Empire Part 2

Catch up on season 1 now and dont miss the season 2 return of Candidly Nicole on Wednesday, July 29 at 11/10c on VH1 (Ch. 335).

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