Chatting With One of the Scream Queens in New Orleans

July 7, 2015

Of the fall shows building buzz, Scream Queens’ hype might be the most deafening. Ryan Murphy and team build on the success of Glee and American Horror Story with a frothy slasher film set at a sorority house and starting a host of hot young talent. What’s not to love?

We sat down with Keke Palmer (Akeelah and the Bee and True Jackson, VIP) to try to get some secrets from the set.

What can you tell us about the show?
Well it’s kinda hard without telling you too much, but I can tell you that every episode someone will die. We don’t know who. But you know it’s a murder mystery so you can expect a lot of action, a lot of fun, and also a lot of glamour. Our makeup and wardrobe team kill it every episode, with each character having their own individual style. But most importantly you can have a show that will entertain you each week and make you want to come back for more.

The cast is great between you, Lea Michelle, Emma Roberts, and Jamie Lee Curtis. What can you tell us about life on set?
Life on set is amazing because we are constantly feeding off of each other and, not only learning from one another, but I think we all feel really blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone like Ryan Murphy, like Lea, and like Brad because they always make you feel like they’re giving so much. It motivates you to want to give just as much. And also they let you creatively flow to your own wave. You know what I mean? So you feel like you can come into work and offer something and they’ll accept it. So it’s like you’re constantly motivated and being inspired and that’s what it feels like. It feels like you’re inspired and everybody is excited to be there.

What’s it like working with the hot guys on the show?
It’s so much fun. I don’t get to work with Nick [Jonas] too much. I’m mainly working with Glenn [Powell]. I work with Lucien. I work with Oliver [Hudson]. I don’t really work with Oliver, but we happen to have been on set at the same times, and we did promos of course together but I haven’t been able to spend much time with Nick. But I know him of course from when we were both in the kid world.

What about filming down here in New Orleans, are you loving it?
I love New Orleans. The one thing I’m upset about is how good the food is because it’s hard for me to make sure I keep the bod on point. Every night it’s a new place you can go to check out poboys or some good fish. I mean everything is good here. So its like that’s the one thing that’s very hard for me. But I love it here and also, as weird as it sounds, I love humidity. I grew up in Chicago though so it’s probably like very familiar to me. But I love New Orleans because it has a very city vibe to it and at the same time that southern-like swang.

What horror movie or any kind of series do you love most?
Freddy Kreuger. He’s my favorite. Night on Elm Street, I love all of them. I’ll always love Freddy Kreuger because he was so horrific, but also very funny. He always had something real spunky and silly to say like he’d rip off somebody’s nose like “I got your nose.”

You’ve had an amazing career so far and have gotten to work with some amazing people like Queen Latifah and William H. Macy. What have you learned from getting to work with all of these great individuals?
I’ve learned so many things from everybody. Everybody offered me something. When I worked with Queen Latifah she taught me how to be a giver. My mother taught me that as well, but being around her and seeing what she gave to me and what she always gave to other people—the opportunities she gave to writers, directors—it always showed me that that’s what you do. When you’re blessed to have a situation, you give other people a chance when you feel like they can carry it, and so I really loved that from her. And William H. Macy, I remember when I did the movie with him, he told me to take one scene at a time, and I’ve applied that to my life. Take each moment at a time. You know you can’t do any better than your best at that moment that you’re in it and that’s how you come out with a great piece. You do your best each step of the way and you can’t worry about the whole thing. You have to worry about each step and put your all into that and that’s when you’ll come up with a masterpiece. But I feel like I’ve been blessed throughout my career to learn from everybody I’ve worked with and I’ve been very blessed and grateful for that.

Don’t miss the Scream Queens two hour premiere event, 8/7c on September
22nd and then every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX

Don’t miss Scream Queens two hour premiere event, 8/7c on September 22nd and then every Tuesday at 9/8c on FOX.



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