FORE! Here Comes the Open Championship® Experience, Only on DIRECTV.

July 16, 2015

Feel closer to your favorite golfers than ever before with DIRECTV’s exclusive Open Championship Experience.

You’ll get full coverage of the tournament, including our exclusive Mix Channel that puts four channels on one screen. Featuring round-the-tournament coverage of top golfers, holes 13–15, and more—you’ll feel like you’re in multiple course locations at once, soaking up all the action.

Plus, our interactive TV app puts even more golf on your TV at the push of a button. You’ll get bios, scores, career stats, and more from the top-ranked golfers heading into the tournament. You can even check tee times, the weekend’s pairings, scorecards, or add a golfer to your Favorite Players list so you can follow them, even after the tournament.

Don’t miss a stroke of the Open Championship. Coverage begins the morning of Thursday, July 16 at 4/3c. on Chs 701 – 705.

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