3 Reasons to Love Patrick Stewart on Blunt Talk

August 13, 2015

In the last few years, Patrick Stewart has become a bit of an internet mascot. Sure, he’s beloved for his work Star Trek and on stage performing Shakespeare, but lately he’s just as well known for commenting on pizza-eating techniques and reading Taylor Swift aloud. Now he’s got a new project that showcases that more hilarious side, Blunt Talk, premiering Saturday, August 22, at 9pm ET/PT on Starz (Ch. 525).

Stewart stars as a British cable newsman ready to make it in America, and if the trailer below isn’t enough to make you fall in love, here are three reasons we think you should tune-in.

1. Because he’s working with a team that has hilarious pedigree…

Stewart’s newest show has him in some capable comedic hands—the series is created by Jonathan Ames, known for HBO’s Bored to Death, and produced by Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, Ted). But the masterminds were just as thrilled to work with Stewart. McFarlane told a panel at TCA, “It always struck me as criminal that Patrick Stewart had never been cast in a single-camera comedy. He’s very quietly or not so quietly conquered every genre that he’s attempted. It was a matter of pairing him with somebody who could build him a character.”

2. Because Patrick pushes the boundaries…

As he mentions in the feature below “I can tell you honestly in the last 10 weeks I have done things on camera that I never do in a locked and darkened room when I was entirely alone.” How can you not want to see that?

3. Because he plays well with others…

Not only does Stewart get to ham it up, he gets to ham it up with actors who’ve handled a joke or two. Look out for guest spots from Elisabeth Shue, Jason Schwartzman, and Richard Lewis, as Blunt’s therapist—a role that Stewart thinks might have some staying power. As Stewart told the panel at TCA, “freudian analysis is not an overnight procedure. Richard Lewis will probably be the last character standing.”

Don’t miss Blunt Talk, premiering Saturday, August 22, at 9pm ET/PT. on Starz (Ch. 525). 

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