5 Questions with CSI: Cyber’s Ted Danson

October 2, 2015

Though the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has come to an end after 15 impressive seasons and a finale movie, fans can breathe easy knowing we haven’t seen the last of Ted Danson’s character D.B. Russell. On October 4, he’s set to return as a series regular in CSI: Cyber when Season 2 premieres on CBS. He generously let us pick his brain about what’s in store, as well as hard-hitting insights such as where he and his wife keep their awards.

What can we expect when you join the CSI: Cyber team?
First off, questions always scare me. I feel like I am taking a test and I am ready to fail! It’s a year on CSI: Cyber, and I am super excited to join the team. My character, D.B. Russell, is recently divorced and has lost his best friend/soul mate, Jules, and my son has moved back East, and I have gotten an offer from the FBI and Avery (played by Patricia Arquette), and my character is ready to start a new chapter in his life. There is also a lightness to my character now that I am dealing with computers more than I am dealing with dead bodies, which is fun to play!

You have been a part of so many great shows—how has it been so far working the cast of CSI: Cyber?
The cast is amazing! I have known Patricia Arquette briefly throughout the years, and worked with her on CSI for two episodes, and it is such a dream to work with her. She is such a wonderful actor to work with; I mean, she has an Oscar—that’s how wonderful she is to work with. She is such a good Captain of the ship here and it’s a joy to work with her.

James Van Der Beek, who I had never met before, is so sweet. Before we started working together, he reached out to me and invited me to a baseball game, making me feel so welcomed. And he plays his part of Elijah Mundo so well. And Hayley Kiyoko and Charley Koontz, who play our computer geniuses, are such talented, interesting people and are just a dream to work with, that every day it’s just a pleasure to come to work.

You have worked with so many great actors in the past—who would you love to see come on as a guest star?
Well, I would love to have my wife, Mary Steenburgen, who is working way too hard to actually get her here, but I would love to have her come on the show. I’m in love with so many of my co-stars, I would love them all to come on. Maybe we could get Woody Harrelson to come on and play a dead body. That would be fun!

Between you and your wife, you have a lot of awards to display! Where do you keep them at home?
Haha, well I try to surround my wife’s Oscar with my Emmys, but it just doesn’t work. Her Oscar is pretty hard to beat!

With what other CBS show would you love to do crossover episode?
I would love to do Blue Bloods with Tom [Selleck]. I mean, it would be so fun to hang out with him again. I mean, Tom Selleck is one of my favorites. Before I did Cheers, I did an episode of Magnum, P.I., where I first met Tom. I played kind of a sniveling, murderous bad guy, haha, and then years later we did Three Men and a Baby and we had such a great time in Toronto. So yes, I would love to do something with Tom again.

Don’t miss the Season 2 return of CSI:Cyber, Sunday October 4 at 10/9c on CBS.

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