Jesse Spencer & the Expanding Universe of NBC’s Chicago Fire

October 12, 2015

Australian actor Jesse Spencer is a TV favorite with American audiences, thanks to prominent roles in House M.D., and NBC’s Chicago Fire, returning for Season 4 Thursdays at 10/9c beginning October 13. We caught up him to learn what we can expect in the upcoming season and what he enjoys in his down time.

What can fans expect from this season of Chicago Fire?
This season they can expect a lot of suspense, a lot of action… and a lot of heart. We’re going to see Casey’s relationship with Dawson deepen even further. They’ve had to juggle a lot but they always seem to come through it stronger.

This year we’ll see the Chicago universe expand even further, why do you think fans are so drawn to this group of shows?
I think they love to see us interacting with the main cast of the other shows. It’s like a giant party and we get to go from room to room.

How do you train to stay in shape for a show like this?
I’ve been boxing with Chicagoan Freddie Cuevas. He keeps me honest!

When you have time, what else do you enjoy?
Boxing, piano, and fiddle playing—and flying around playing with my charity band (Band from TV). Music is a good creative side outlet for me.

Catch up on Season 3 and don’t miss the season return of Chicago Fire, Thursdays at 10/9c on NBC beginning October 13.

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