Trevor Noah on Taking Over The Daily Show & His Surprising Dream Co-Host

October 13, 2015

South African comic Trevor Noah had some big shoes to fill when he took over hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central on September 28. 16-year host Jon Stewart had left an indelible mark on the show and arguably shifted perceptions of what it means to be a late-night host. With his first few weeks under his belt and some nice feedback, Noah was kind enough to let us pick his brain about the seemingly daunting task of bringing a fresh perspective to what’s become a late-night institution.

The role of late-night host has clearly evolved over the years from simply making us laugh to making us think. Many of us now look to The Daily Show as a voice of reason and honest commentary amidst a whole lot of noise. Do you agree and is that a role you’re comfortable with?
This is definitely something unique that Jon Stewart has created and his legacy is evident in all the spin-off shows that have come from The Daily Show. I definitely feel the weight of the show and the expectation, but I’m also enjoying every moment of this amazing opportunity and I’m comfortable in comedy—it’s my home.

Who’s your favorite all-time talk show host of all time (living or deceased)?
It’s definitely Oprah. She was funny and made a difference and made us cry. She was everything.

What are you most excited about bringing to the broader national political discussion that we might not have heard before?
A fresh perspective. It’s always fun to develop new relationships with a city or country, whether it’s in the opinions we can explore or the news that we get to discuss from multiple angles.

What are you currently watching on TV lately (fictional or nonfictional)?
Right now I’m watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Last Man on Earth, Orange is the New Black, and The Carmichael Show.

Has there been a piece of entertainment THIS year that caught you by surprise and or blew your mind (for better or worse)?
Straight Outta Compton.

If you could co-host The Daily Show with any other person on Earth, who would it be?
Kim Jong-un. I think he’d be a wonderful co-host. Charisma, style, and the x-factor.

If Comedy Central produced a movie about your life, whom would you want to play you?
If Comedy Central were making the movie, I’d want the movie to be made by the creators of South Park.

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