Out-of-Control-Beard Andrew Luck Presents: Pro Football Facial Hair Index

October 20, 2015

Now that football season is in full swing, the pigskin scientists and gridiron prognosticators are hard at work crunching the numbers and making their predictions. While we love the usual stats, we thought we’d approach our favorite game from a hairier angle (at the insistence of “Out-of-Control-Beard Andrew Luck”). So we enlisted our beard scientists to take a hard look at the hard numbers of facial hairiness in football in our “Pro Football Facial Hair Index.”

For just a taste of the overwhelming amounts of hairy data we collected, let’s take a look at quarterbacks.


If we didn’t know better, we might jump to the crazy (yet fully unsubstantiated and unauthorized) conclusion that quarterbacks with a clean shave have a higher rate of completions, while those with just a five o’clock shadow make the most attempts. If were the type to jump such outlandish conclusions.

And that barely scratches the surface of the wealth of hairy data we uncovered across positions and teams.

View the full rundown of hairy insights in our deep-dive into football & facial hair statistics, brought to you by NFL SUNDAY TICKET (and “Out-of-Control-Beard” Andrew Luck.)

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