Make way for El Clásico, the world’s fiercest sporting showdown—Saturday November 21

November 16, 2015

Nothing makes for great sports like a bitter rivalry, and there’s no feud like the one between soccer clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona. Their grudge is so heated, it’s even got its own name: El Clásico. And when the two biggest teams in sports go head-to-head, the world stands still.

It’s hard to grasp how important El Clásico is to the world of soccer until you consider the following facts: Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the five most valuable sports teams on the planet, each worth over 3 billion dollars. Both teams have more than 80 million fans on social media, making them the most followed teams in the world. The history of the El Clásico rivalry has even spawned two books and a documentary.

With roots going back to the early 20th Century, the high drama and political overtones of El Clásico only increase with each showdown. Fanatic crowds and player-on-player (and sometimes coach-on-coach) fights are the norm, and months of pre-game hype fan the flames. The buzz isn’t exaggerated: two of today’s greatest footballers—Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo—will face off against each other in an event that’s less like a game and more like a clashing of titans.

If you get a rush from watching epic match-ups, then don’t miss El Clásico. It’s part sports, part theater, and all adrenaline.

Catch the most watched, most followed, and most revered teams in soccer go head-to-head Saturday, November 21 at 12:15pm ET/11:15am CT on bein Sports (Ch. 620). Or stream El Clásico live on your phone, computer, and other devices with the DIRECTV app.

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