4 Things We Learned from NFL QB Dads Watching Their Sons Play Football

November 18, 2015

Last Sunday, four fathers of NFL quarterbacks gathered together in the DIRECTV Fantasy Zone studio to watch their all-star sons play in Week 10.

Archie Manning, father of the Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning and the New York Giants’ Eli Manning, Mike Ryan, father of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan, Doug Smith, father of Kansas City Chiefs’ Alex Smith, and Larry Foles, father of the St. Louis Rams’ Nick Foles, all sat and watched their sons play Week 10 NFL ball on Sunday.

We learned some interesting things from these famous dads…

1. All four fathers typically watch games without sound, as they hate to hear commentary about their sons

2. They mostly travel to see every game of the season. This way they get to spend time with sons after games and make sure they are ok.

3. Alex Smith was a bad child, according to his dad Doug.

4. Archie Manning says watching both his sons play at the same time is basically three and half hours of nerves—versus a full seven hours when they play at different times.

Watch the Fantasy Zone crew’s Kay Adams and Jon Ritchie sit down with the 4 “Fathers of Arms” during Sunday’s broadcast…

Don’t miss Fantasy Zone, every Sunday of the season on the Fantasy Zone Channel 704 and on DIRECTV Everywhere.

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