Elizabeth Hurley Dishes on The Royals Season 2

November 19, 2015

The first season of E!’s nighttime soap The Royals introduced viewers to the dramatic and often hedonistic world of a fictional modern British royal family, led by Queen Helena, queen consort of England. Played by Elizabeth Hurley, this modern matriarch tries her best to keep her unruly ruling family in line, which is not an easy task.

We caught up with Hurley for a chat about Season 2, some of her dream guest stars, and her favorite guilty pleasure.

Earlier this year The Royals took the world by storm! What can we expect from Season 2? 

Season 2 is brimming over with scandal and intrigue, and, of course, Queen Helena is right in the thick of it.

What member of the British Royal family would you love to see come and guest star on the show? 

I think Prince Harry would make the perfect guest star on The Royals…and pigs may fly.

Speaking of guest stars, last season the legendary Joan Collins guest starred. What was the experience like?

Joan and I have long wanted to work together and she is perfect in her role as The Grand Duchess of Oxfordshire. She has a lot to do in Season 2 and has some killer lines. I adore her.

What’s it like working with this cast? 

We can be pretty horrible to one another on screen but we all adore one another in real life. I get on extremely well with Alexandra Park and William Moseley, who play my children, and always apologize in advance to them when I’m about to be really horrid to them on set. Tom Austen is excellent this season as Jasper.

The Royals is one of our favorite guilty TV pleasures! What are some of your guilty pleasure TV shows?

I’m obsessed with Nashville.

You have worked with some wonderful leading men, including Mike Myers, Matthew McConaughey, and Brendan Fraser. Which one would you like to see play a love interest for Queen Helena? 

That’s such a difficult question, as I have played alongside some fantastic actors. Mike Myers, who starred in and created the Austin Powers movies, was an amazing man, whom I adored. He made me cry with laughter every day so it would be great to work with him again.

Don’t miss The Royals, Sundays at 10/9c on E!

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