5 Great Movies Only on DIRECTV CINEMA®

December 4, 2015

Did you know DIRECTV CINEMA® offers a variety of high-quality films that you can’t get anywhere else? You didn’t? Ok, time to remedy that problem. See, we love movies and have made it our mission to find the best films, selected right from the festivals, starring award-winning actors, and from some of today’s best working directors.

Here are just a handful of some of the great movies exclusive to DIRECTV CINEMA®.


Starring Golden Globe Award-nominated Oscar Isaac (inside Llewyn Davis, Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron, Friday Night Lights), Mojave is an intense crime thriller set in the dead zone of the Mojave Desert. Written and directed by Oscar winner William Monahan (The Departed), it’s filled with suspense and unexpected twists and turns.

And it’s only available on DIRECTV. Watch now on any device before it hits theaters in January.


Calling all fans of Game of Thrones and BBC One’s Spooks (or just any old British spy thrillers). Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, joins Peter Firth to stop an escaped terrorist from blowing up London. If Spectre left you jonesing for more Brit-spy goodness, you’re in luck.

Catch this action thriller, which made its debut exclusively on DIRECTV CINEMA®, now.

Mississippi Grind

Already an Emmy nominee for his acclaimed work as the mysterious Danny Rayburn in Bloodline, Mississippi Grind just earned Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn a Spirit Award nomination. Add Ryan Reynolds as a co-star, high-stakes poker, and a rambling road adventure, and you’ve got the recipe for a great flick. It’s no mystery the National Board of Review named it one of its Top 10 Independent Films of the year. And it hit DIRECTV CINEMA® first.

Hit the road with Mississippi Grind, now on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

Slow West

Col Needham, Founder and CEO of IMDb, knows movies, and named Slow West one of the best movies of 2015. In a list that also includes predicted Oscar contenders The Martian, Room, and Carol, that’s no small praise.

Slow West stars rising talent Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs, X-Men), Ben Mendelsohn (having quite a year), and young veteran actor Kodi Smit-McPhee as a young Scot travelling through America of the 1800s to find his love. Bounty hunter Fassbender takes up the role of bodyguard and guide to see the young idealist’s journey through.

Watch Slow West now on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

The Hallow

This fantasy/horror combo arrived just in time for Halloween to scare us out of our pants. Director Corin Hardy’s The Hallow follows a small London family sequestered in a remote house in the middle of the forest. We won’t go into too much detail or we’ll ruin it.

Venture into the wood with The Hallow on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

Bonus: Dark Places


Yeah, we said 5. But we couldn’t leave out this thriller starring Charlize Theron. Check it out now on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

Catch all these and plenty of other great films now on DIRECTV CINEMA®.

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