Catching Up with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards

December 10, 2015

One of only two to appear in all six seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills thus far, actress and personality Kyle Richards has become a dependable anchor of the show. She was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss the journey so far, her career in film and TV, and what we can expect in the rest of Season Six.

The show is so good and there’s so much high drama. What can we expect from this season?

We do not disappoint this season, I will say that. Unfortunately, I guess wherever we go, drama follows. I really don’t like the word “drama” because I feel like it’s so overused, but I don’t know how else to describe our lives. We have a lot of stuff going on, so you know, mix that together with a bunch of strong personalities, and it creates a lot of problems.

In a good way…

Well for the audience, yes. For the actual cast it causes a lot of anxiety.

So, if anything, can you tell us about any situations…any trips you girls might take?

Oh yeah, we went on some amazing trips. My family went all over Europe, on the French Riviera, and that I actually covered… When we leave town when we’re not supposed to be leaving—like in the middle of filming—they send you with a camera. So you have to film yourselves. So they may use some of that, otherwise we get off the boat in Italy where we start filming from there. We filmed in Italy, we filmed in Dubai, which is amazing. We came to the Hamptons, all the girls. I opened up a pop-up shop in Southampton and so I threw a book signing for Bethenny, who is my dear friend for 24 years, at the store. And so we have Lisa Vanderpump for a party…we’re all over the place.

A movie is made about your life, Angelina Jolie is going to direct it. Who do you want to play you?

Well, it has to be Demi Moore, because everyone compares us, so it would have to be her, even though—disclaimer: she is older than me—but still. I’d still want her because it’s an obvious choice.

Is there a dream person you’d love to have on the show…maybe at one of your parties?

You know, I never thought of that but this season, Andrea Bocelli showing up was really incredible. I actually started crying. I’m a very emotional person, but I try not to cry on camera because I’m embarrassed, because I get teased about how emotional I am, but I couldn’t keep it together when he showed up. Because he started singing my mom’s favorite song that she used to sing, so I lost it. So that was really impressive. And then we had Joe Jonas, who was dating Gigi, and we all had dinner. That was on camera. We’ve had a lot of people show up. You know my niece Paris and Jamie Lee Curtis, who I did the movie Halloween with.

Do you watch her on Scream Queens?

You know, I don’t really watch television

You should watch Scream Queens.

It’s really weird to think that I’ve been in television my whole life and I don’t watch television.

Speaking of that, you’ve been a part of so many great shows, do have any part that has a special place in your heart?

Umm…a special place in…for television?

Or any of your roles for movies?

Well, I was at NBCUniversal today doing press for the show and they had all these old shows from way back when, and I like, “This is so crazy.” They showed Police Woman. I was in Police Woman when I was a kid. Police Story…I’m talking the 70s. ER… Every show! There were like six shows. I guess I worked with NBC a lot apparently since I was a little girl. Little House on the Prairie was up there. I said, “This is crazy”.

But I guess a special place in my heart, if I’m going just by TV, I’d have to say Little House on the Prairie, and I have to say the Housewives too, because the truth is, even though I’ve been in TV my whole life. Actually, you know four-years-old on. This is the longest I’ve ever been on a TV show. We just finished our sixth year and you become very close with the crew and all the people and they become your family.

Of all those, do you ever run into people you worked with as a kid?

Yeah, I do run into people. It’s funny, I just ran into Mindy Cohn, from The Facts of Life, and we all grew up, those girls. And now Kim Fields is a Housewife of Atlanta. And when we were kids, you know, Facts of Life filmed at KTV and Kim was on Hello, Larry, and then there was Diff’rent Strokes, and they would all play together. And I was at KTLA doing another TV series, so at lunchtime we would all meet and roller skate in the halls of the studio. So it’s just kind of funny [that] I bumped into one of those girls. Yeah, I bump into people quite often.

That’s fun! Growing up, who was your favorite TV crush?

I don’t remember ever having a TV crush, but I remember all my friends having Shaun Cassidy, and you know things like that. I never just… Let me think of something. Maybe Matt Dillon… He was really cute and then we became friends and I was like never mind. He was still cute, but yeah, only friends, that’s it.

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