Jane Lynch on Hosting the People’s Choice Awards and Starring in Angel From Hell

December 14, 2015

Emmy-winning comedienne Jane Lynch is getting ready for a busy holiday season! She kindly took a break from the madness to chat with us about her upcoming 2016 People’s Choice Awards hosting duties on January 6 and her new show, Angel from Hell, premiering January 7 on CBS!

Can you tell us what drew to you to the role of Amy in Angel from Hell?

I read the pilot script and I laughed out loud! Tad Quill really honed in on a particular kind of person I hadn’t seen on television. She’s flawed as hell. She loves everything about being human and in the body—alcohol, any kind of food (especially sugar), good times, sex, sunshine, puppies, and rock and roll. And most especially, Allison. She wants nothing more than for Allison to have a terrific life and she does everything in her power to get Allison to loosen up and bust out of the cage she’s created for herself. Whether or not Amy is actually an angel or just a crazy person with a heart of gold is up to you.

You have a wonderful group of comedic actors with whom you get to work every day. What is life like on set?

I am the lucky girl who gets to work with Maggie Lawson, Kevin Pollak, and Kyle Bornheimer. It’s such a happy accident of great casting, in my humble opinion. We are a very tight ensemble and we love going to work (or should I say play?). Every single day at least one of us will remark how happy we are to have this gig.  We are the grateful beneficiaries of writing that is so tight and fast and funny and out there. Our weekly table reads are always highly anticipated events.

How excited are you to host The People’s Choice Awards?

I’m thrilled to be hosting the award show that represents the will of the people. Power to the people! Teaming up once again with my friend Mark Burnett and his wonderful crew of awesomely talented professionals is a dream come true.

What can we expect from this year’s show? 

There will be music, there will be laughs, there will be lots of shiny happy people picking up awards. At the end of the night, everyone will have a smile on their face and a song in their heart and wonder why it had to end. At least that’s what I’m shootin’ for.

From Sue Sylvester on Glee to Dr. Linda Freeman on Two and a Half Men, you have played some great characters. Do you have a personal favorite TV or film role?   

Whatever I am doing in this moment is always my favorite. This is not work for me, it is play and I’m grateful every time I step in front of a camera or hit the stage. But I’ve got to say, playing Sue Sylvester for a bunch of years was an absolute joy. And getting to wear a variety of tracksuits every single day of it wasn’t too shabby either.

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