Lisa Edelstein Gives Some Guidance on Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce Season 2

December 15, 2015

Say that three times fast…

Lisa Edelstein has been a fixture on TV since the 1990s, but first gained wide notoriety for her role as Lisa Cuddy in House, M.D., appearing in seven out of the show’s eight seasons. Thankfully for us, she made her triumphant return to series television starring as Abby McCarthy in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, Bravo’s first scripted series. She joined us to discuss what’s in store in Season Two, how holiday music killed Frank Sinatra for her, and her childhood crush.

What can we expect in Season Two?

Season Two gets a little deeper, darker, dirtier than Season One. I think now that we know these women, we need to dig deeper. It’s just as fun, if not funnier and just as sad, if not sadder. When we see Abby again, she has realized that she’s not quite ready to let go of her relationship with her soon-to-be-ex-husband and they’re doing a little bit of exploring, but they’re also doing a lot of lying to each other and to everybody else. I think Abby’s struggle as a person is trying to get the inside—how she feels—to match the outside of what’s happening in her life. And she never seems to be able to line that up so it really bites her in the ass this season and she goes down the rabbit hole.

Carrie Fisher made an appearance last season. Who else would you like to see come on the show?

Well, we have Jean Smart on this season, who plays Carrie Fisher’s boss. And she’s a genius, she really is. First of all, she’s super quick on her feet. We kind of added this character last minute because Carrie was unwell and couldn’t shoot, so we had to figure out a way of telling a story that we need to tell and Jean Smart just hopped right in there and was so brilliant that it was just such a great add to the show.

She’s such a great talent. Have you seen her on Fargo?

YES. She’s so wonderful.

Very talented. Tell us about life with these ladies on set. You must just a ball and it kind of shows through on camera.

We have a great group of people; it’s not just the cast, the crew is also an incredibly warm crew. Everyone’s weird and everyone supports each other. I mean this crew applauds. They applaud, they cry, they laugh. They’re so emotionally invested in the story itself and in each other. They sing happy birthday—if you’re leaving the show, if it’s your last scene, if you just arrived—and they’re super psyched you’re there. I mean it’s a really special wonderful place to work. We spend 16 hours a day together. It’s a long time and it’s important that people have a good attitude. But these guys just take it a step further and I love this job for that.

Wonderful. When you have the time, are there any other shows you watch?

Mr. Robot is an amazing show. Dawn [Parouse] Olmstead, who produced Mr. Robot, is one of our producers. She produced our pilot. I think it’s really smart and really interesting and dark and I really enjoyed it.

With the holidays are coming up, do you have any special traditions or classic movies you like to watch at this time?

I’m Jewish, so my classic tradition is to go anywhere where Christmas music isn’t playing… I don’t relate to it at all, I really don’t, it’s ruined Frank Sinatra for me.

OK so here’s a great question. If you don’t listen to frank Sinatra during Christmas, what’s a great song of his that you love to listen to, to tune out the Christmas music?

Of Frank Sinatra’s? Oh you can’t ask me a question like that because I can’t remember things like that. I’m referring to my Husband.

Husband: What about….

We can’t think of one. It really did ruin Frank Sinatra for me. You know what I saw, I saw this YouTube video of a really young…I think it was the younger Elvis Presley…with a not-as-young Frank Sinatra doing a duet from a TV show and I don’t remember what TV show it was, and it is amazing. Because I’m not like a…I never really paid that much attention to Elvis because when I was a kid he was at the later end of his life, and I just didn’t relate. But this footage of Elvis, he’s like 19, he’s fresh off the boat. I mean, he is so handsome and what he does with his voice is so…it’s so fragile, somehow. And singing with Frank Sinatra you can sort of see that Frank is just slightly threatened by this young guy who’s doing a whole other level of sexy that Frank’s generation really didn’t have access to. So it’s a great video. I cannot remember what they were singing.

So many great sexy actors out there on TV, do you have a current TV crush? Or one when you were growing up?

Ok, well growing up, when I was really little, my TV crush was on Emergency. He was the Native American. What was his name? It was one of the Emergency guys, he was super sexy. Now, I’m married…

So, it’s your husband?

My husband, like his face gets put on every… In fact, I have a program that puts his face on every male actor I’m watching on television, it helps me concentrate.

Set your DVR for Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, tonight and every Tuesday at 10/9c on Bravo.

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