Video: Behind the Scenes with the Cast of Black Sails on STARZ®

February 12, 2016

We sat down with stars of the hit STARZ® series, Black Sails, for an exclusive look at Season Three from those who know best.

Now a few weeks into the season, we’ve met new characters, including Ray Stevenson’s Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard. In our video interview below, Stevenson shared his excitement to come aboard this season, as well as some of his favorite moments from the set, including the impressive cooling vest that kept him from overheating in the Cape Town heat during shooting.

We learned that Clara Paget—who plays Black Sails’ only female pirate, Anne Bonny—loves performing her own stunts. She also shared her enthusiasm for viewers to experience the coming British Invasion of Nassau, and her continual awe at the technical feats performed week after week.

Zach McGowan, who plays the intimidating Charles Vane, showed his true colors as a good-natured family man, sharing the challenges of shooting overseas away from his brood, and relishing his role as a fear-inspiring captain of the sea.

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