Get Ready for the Oscars® with Kelly & Michael

February 24, 2016

Oscar® Sunday is almost here, and we’ve got the inside scoop from LIVE hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. Their LIVE With Kelly and Michael After Oscar ® Show returns on Monday, February 29 at 9am/8c to recap the greatest moments from Sunday night’s awards broadcast.

What are you most excited about for this year’s post-awards show?

Kelly Ripa: I love sitting backstage and watching our opening number. It brings tears to my eyes every year. Because we are really a very small show, and by small, I mean in the size of our staff. Everyone has been up all night, editing and preparing. And then you see this amazing production number. I think to myself, “Gosh, my producers, editors, stagehands have been up all night making this happen.”

Who can we expect to see stop by to chat about the big show this year?

Michael Strahan: So far, we’ve announced a big opening number by Andy Grammer, who’s going to be joined by dancers from Dancing with the Stars. They bring a lot of excitement, and to open the show, there’s no better way to get everyone up and moving. Also, Fifth Harmony is going to grace the stage and make the show even more exciting for us.

Being based in NYC, are there any differences when filming in LA?

Kelly: Oh my gosh, everything! It is so crazy for us! First of all, our day starts so much earlier. In NYC things just sort of happen and you roll with it. In LA everything is so glamorous!

So many amazing classic films have been nominated for awards, do you have a classic film that is your go-to?

Michael: My go-to film to watch, the one that always makes me feel good, is Forrest Gump. “Run, Forrest, run!” There is nothing like Forrest Gump. There are so many great movies out there—The Godfather, I’m a big fan of Glory—but Forrest Gump is the one that always puts a smile on your face and stops you in your tracks no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

If a movie were made about your partnership as hosts on the show, who would you want to see play you?

Kelly: I should say Meryl Streep to play me because everybody says they want Meryl Streep play them. I would also like to see Kate Winslet challenge herself, for once! I mean, please! I’m kidding, of course, she is so talented and can do anything.

Michael: Denzel Washington (big laugh). I don’t know! Who would play me? Man, you always want somebody who’s better looking than you. Michael B. Jordan wouldn’t be bad… If I want somebody who kind of looks like me, according to other people, maybe Anthony Anderson? He’s funny! Or maybe we just go with someone who is undiscovered right now, a new face …

Every season you have such wonderful guests on the show—who would you like to come on who hasn’t yet?

Michael: We’ve had some incredible people on “LIVE”… I would love to see Leonardo DiCaprio on the show. He would be great.

Kelly: I would have to say Leonardo DiCaprio! He was on years ago with Regis and Kathie Lee but we have not had the pleasure of having him on yet. Hopefully someday!


Check out photos and Instagram videos from our on-set visit below, and be sure to watch the The Oscars®, LIVE Oscar Sunday, February 28 7e|4p on ABC, and LIVE With Kelly and Michael After Oscar ® Show the next morning, February 29 at 9am/8c on in national syndication.


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