Rush Hour’s Justin Hires Is Ready To Flaunt His Comedy Chops

March 24, 2016

Ahead of its March 31st debut, we sat down with Justin Hires, one of the stars from CBS’ highly-anticipated Rush Hour. Hires boasts a national following for both his stand-up and his digital sketch comedy, and has been seen on both the small and big screens in Key & Peele and 21 Jump Street. Set your DVR to CBS on March 31st at 10/9c for the debut of Rush Hour.

What has it been like to step into this role, made famous by Chris Tucker?

It’s a huge honor. Chris Tucker is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue comedy professionally. However, I think it’s important for the audience to know that I’m not doing a Chris Tucker impression on the show; I’m bringing my own comedic spin to the character. So, hopefully fans of the Rush Hour movie franchise will enjoy what I’ve done with the character of Detective Carter—and I’ll make them and Chris Tucker proud.

How will the show be different from the film series?

The pilot episode is essentially a reboot of the first Rush Hour film, but every episode after that (13 episodes in total) are completely new and exciting stories that aren’t related to the franchise. Also, my co-star Jon Foo and I have a slightly younger vibe than what Chris and Jackie brought to the roles.

Tell us about life on set. How has it been working with this group of actors?

It’s been amazing! I’m a stand-up comedian, so being able to act in a one-hour action/comedy television show is literally a dream come true. I love my cast members! What’s so great about us is our characters are all so distinctly different from one another, that what you end up with is an incredible display of chemistry in front of the camera.

Who would you love to see guest star on the show?

I would love to have Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan on the show! I think that would be amazing. I’m sure if the first season is a success they wouldn’t mind popping by for Season 2. Fingers crossed!

When you have the time, what TV shows do you love to catch up on?

When I have time, I like to catch up on older shows that I missed when they originally aired, like The Wire and Seinfeld.


Set your DVR to CBS on March 31st at 10/9c for the debut of Rush Hour.

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