Crazy Ex-Girfriend’s Rachel Bloom Dishes Ahead Of Tonight’s Season Finale

April 18, 2016

Rachel Bloom has had one heck of a year! Riding high with both a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Television Award under her belt, Bloom’s brainchild Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was also recently green-lit for a second season. We sat down with Bloom ahead of tonight’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season finale, to find out more about life on set and just what makes Bloom’s comedy clock tick. Don’t miss the season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

This has been a crazy year for you—the show’s a hit and Season Two is a go. How are you feeling, and what does it mean to you that your passion project has really taken off and has spoken to so many people?

It feels like I’ve been on a roller coaster ride—but it’s an amazing roller coaster and I’m not getting motion sickness. It’s been a long ride, but it’s been amazing! It’s honestly the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. I get questions like “what’s next for you?” and the idea that anything but this is next is hard to wrap my mind around. This is everything I ever wanted to do! It’s so creatively fulfilling it satisfies every thing I’ve ever wanted to do artistically. Every hole is filled—to use a porn term—which is an expression I’ve never used to describe my career, but there you go! Haha! It’s just so wonderful and so exciting.

Not only is your voice so unique and fun, but you also have an incredible ensemble cast. What’s it like working with so many great actors with such a wide array of story lines?

We have the greatest cast in the world! Not only are they multi-talented, they’re also fearless! The other night I did a performance for the TV Academy of “The Sexy Getting Ready Song” live, and I turned to Donna Lynne and Pete and said: “Annnnnd we’re gonna be in Spanx, is that okay?” And they just said “Yep!”

A show is only as good as its cast, and what the cast is willing to do. That fearlessness really plays a huge part. We’ve also tailored our characters to be like our actors, and because everyone involved is so wonderful and gracious the characters have become nice and loving in a way that we didn’t foresee.

I’m all for mean comedy to a certain point, but I think there’s this trendy thing in edgy comedy right now for people to be assholes—without explaining where that comes from. I’m a fan of shows like Parks and Recreation that have much more of a “Yes, And” perspective. Parks and Recreation was a show with a lot of heart, and at the end of the day it was about people who really loved each other—so starting from that place instead of a nihilistic ‘everyone hates each’ other space is important for me.

You’ve had so many great guest stars, but who are some dream guests stars that you’d love to get on the show for Season Two?

Well we just had lunch with Carol Burnett, so we’d love to find something for her if she’s free! I could name every single Broadway star, but it’s just a matter of finding the right fit. Whenever anyone is a guest start it’s always for something super specific, because I don’t want to misuse them. I want them to have their moment, have their song. So it’s good for us to keep people in mind as we move through the scripts. A great example is we knew Dr. Phil wanted to do the show, so when we got to episode seven which was about depression, we were like ahhh this is perfect. So he came in and played a very specific role. You know instead of Dr. Phil as like a waiter or something.

What other shows really inspire you?

Jane the Virgin, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I’m in the middle of House of Cards, Game of Thrones. I started watching Flesh & Bone. I’m so behind! I need to watch Mr. Robot, Master of None—I need to catch up on Transparent and Girls. There’s so much great TV out there it’s overwhelming!


Don’t miss the season finale of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tonight at 8/7c on The CW.

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