The 5 Things We Learned At The New York Premiere Of The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story

May 13, 2016

Kevin Durant is not the most famous basketball player in the world, and his mother is not an A-list celebrity. But they are two people whose incredible true story has the power to change lives.

We had the privilege of attending the red carpet premiere of the film The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story in New York, so we figured we’d capture some beautiful pictures and soundbites and call it a day—but as soon as we stepped out of the screening, we couldn’t help but reach out to our own moms just to say hello.

Here are the top five things we took away from our red carpet coverage:

5. We need more movies like this

If you were to ask any avid TV fan what their favorite kiss, fight or “oh @#$!” moment of the past year was, they’d have dozens and dozens of scenes to choose from. But if you ask them, what’s the most inspiring thing you’ve seen in the past year on television, they’d probably draw a blank. Perhaps it’s time for shows to show us the way to be, not just remind us of all the dramatic ways not to be.

4. Single mothers are a special kind of superhero


When we asked lead actress Cassandra Freeman about what she learned from playing a single mother, she spoke about never having realized how much our parents act. They’re your rock when they’re standing with you, but they’re just regular people when they’re out of sight. As kids we may never quite understand who our parents really are, but Cassandra has taught us to be thankful all the same.

3. It’s bad now, but you can certainly make it worse

The myth of the infallible or invincible superhero truly is a myth. When Wanda Durant took the mic, she spoke about how she fell—and fell hard, but that she had friends and family to help pick her back up. She made sure we all understood that all we need to do to succeed is to stay focused on our goals. Her story is an example of what happens during the moments when you fail to do so.

2. Inspiration is as simple as you want it to be


When we asked Daniel Bellomy (Kevin Durant) which onscreen mother inspired him the most, he almost immediately threw out Carol from The Walking Dead or Cersei from Game of Thrones, but after really thinking about the question, neither TV warrior stood up to the real life Pauletta Washington. Daniel didn’t need the threat of the zombie apocalypse or a world of fantasy and magic to inspire him. All he needed was Pauletta Washington who’s “so giving, so available, so humble.”

1. “If you have faith, family, community, love and goals you’ll be unstoppable.” — Cassandra Freeman

This is pretty self-explanatory, but we just wanted to remind you that just because we’re a good 300+ days away from the next Mother’s Day, that doesn’t mean you can’t call your mom. Now.


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