Don’t Get Stranded, Watch Wrecked Tonight!

June 28, 2016

A few weeks ago we had a chance to speak to a few of the cast members of TBS’ Wrecked ahead of the show’s premiere. Now that we’re three episodes in (with the fourth airing tonight!) we thought we’d share what Zach, Brian, Asif and Jessica had to say about what happens when a bunch of nincompoops get stranded on a desert island. Catch up on episodes 1-3, and make sure to watch episode 4 which airs tonight at 10/9c on TBS (Ch. 247).



Brian Sacca as Danny, Zach Cregger as Owen

How did you guys get involved in the show, and what can viewers can expect this season?

Zach: When I first got the script, I was a little hesitant to even read it, because I thought it was going to be a Lost parody, and I definitely wasn’t really interested in a Lost parody. I was immediately impressed! It has nothing really to do with Lost, other than it’s on an island. But these two guys [show creators Jordan and Justin Shipley] are really fresh. It’s a really funny show!

Brian: They have a new style of comedy. A fresher style of comedy than what I’ve seen before. Which is really exciting. I think that’s why the show feels very different. It’s because I’m laughing at the lines that I’m saying on camera while I’m saying them. Surprisingly, funny!

Zach: It gets really dark. It’s a goofy show, but it goes places that you wouldn’t really expect it to go. It’s fun. There are a lot of twists and turns.

Anything about your characters in particular that you were excited about? 

Brian: What I think is fun about the show, is that a lot of the characters have secrets. You find out things throughout the course of the season about each character, which is not something that you usually see in a half-hour comedy. It’s something you see in hour-long dramas. They’re using a narrative in a half-hour comedy, that we haven’t seen before. We’re learning about these characters as we go and that’s really exciting.

Zach: And I’m really excited that my mom is going to get to see the show, because within the first five episodes, I’m pooping and pleasuring myself on camera. So that’s just a dream come true for me. You’re welcome Mom—you’re welcome Grandma!

Brian: One of the posters is me sitting on a toilet with my pants around my ankles.

Zach: And me waiting outside touching myself. Fantastic!

This is like a whole new level of TBS goodness.

Brian: That’s right—they’re bringing it this year!



Asif Ali as Pack, Jessica Lowe as Florence

How do your characters play into the chaos that is Wrecked?

Jessica: I’m maybe the least helpful. I talk a lot, but do nothing.

Asif: My character goes through a transformation of sorts, because he was a sports agent before the crash. His whole career and life was based on working up the corporate ladder and being terrible to people beneath him—he’s basically doing whatever he can to get another deal to make more money and get a fancier car. When he gets on this island, it’s the first time in his life that he’s had the opportunity to think about his life, and he realizes it’s pretty vapid and useless. So, he goes through a bit of a breakdown. He’s having a bit of an introspective search into his own life. In the group, I think what he brings is a frenetic sense of “We’re all going to die, so we need to figure this out right now.”

Jessica: And I’m sort of into, “Oh, this our chance to bond in the wilderness; you guys, look at the positives! We’re going to get great sun tans, we’re going to eat paleo, it’s going to be perfect.”

Asif: Yeah, and I’m screaming, “We’re all getting diarrhea and we’re dehydrated.”

Jessica: “We can’t only eat foreign pineapple for the rest of our lives!”

Are there any elements about the island itself that are going to lend itself to drama, comedy, etc., or is it more about the actual group of characters interacting with each other?

Asif: I think it centers on the group of us and how we interact with each other, but the island definitely plays a big role. We shot on-location in Puerto Rico, so when we’re in a jungle we’re really in a jungle, and when we’re on a beach, we’re really on a beach. So, that makes it much more intense.

Was it much of an adjustment to do that on-location shooting for the show?

Asif: Yes. Otherwise, you’re on the set, people are getting you frappuccinos and stuff. When you’re out in the jungle, even when you have time off, you’re still sitting in the chair avoiding the mosquitoes and spraying yourself down. I think that helped because, in a way, you’re always in it.

You went method.

Asif: Exactly.

Jessica: And you didn’t shower the whole time.

Asif: And I never will!


Catch up on episodes 1-3, and make sure to watch episode 4 which airs tonight at 10/9c on TBS (Ch. 247).

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