Tchau For Now, Rio

August 19, 2016

For a few weeks, all eyes were on Rio and the amazing Olympic competitors from around the globe. There were incredible performances in everything from gymnastics to weightlifting and the athletes were living examples of what can be achieved through hard work. But now it’s time to get ready for the closing of the games.

Highlights of the closing ceremony include, the passing of the Olympic flag from Rio to the 2020 host, Tokyo, the extinguishing of the Olympic flame, and the athlete’s parade. It is an amazing ceremony to see and also a great moment to celebrate Rio and the Olympics.

Everyone has their favorite sport to watch or athlete to cheer on, but we can all appreciate the effort that these men and women put forth to compete.

Thank you to all of the athletes and to Rio for hosting this year’s Olympic games.

Tchau for now, Rio!

Make sure to see the full closing ceremony Saturday, August 21, live on the networks of NBCUniversal.

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