Exploring Asia With The Legendary Henry Winkler

August 30, 2016

They say that the best way to learn about other cultures, is to immerse yourself in them. That’s just what television legend Henry Winkler is doing in his new NBC show, Better Late Than Never. Joining forces with other notable television and sports legends, Winkler spoke with us before the show’s premiere about the amazing adventures and challenges he encountered. Catch up on episode one and tune in to watch episode two, tonight at 10/9c on NBC!

So tell us about this latest project, what’s Better Late Than Never all about?

Okay. So we have George Foreman, Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw, my buddy Bill [William] Shatner, and Jeff Dye who is stand up comic and is much taller than I am. And me! We went to Asia and spent 35 days traveling throughout the country. We had no idea what we were going to do each day. We were really there to discover Asia, discover ourselves, and discover each other!

Was this the first time that you had traveled so far abroad?

No, I’ve traveled, but this was scary! You’re traveling on camera by the seat of your pants, so I was petrified. But when I was actually doing it, I became electrified!


What do you think is going to surprise viewers the most about the show? Perhaps they’ll learn things about you that they wouldn’t necessarily have known?

Oh absolutely! I think viewers will be surprised by my willingness to try things that in my “real world,” would have repelled me! Haha!

Were you fortunate enough to not have any kind of complications around new foods that you tried?

Thankfully I was fine, but I did try the cow penis soup.

You went there.

Oh, I went there alright! And Bill Shatner really embraced Asia in every way. He was like “Henry, we’re here—it’s the culture. You’ve got to immerse yourself! Let’s talk about ninjas.”


Stream episode one and tune in to watch episode two, tonight at 10/9c on NBC!

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