Hanging With The Cast Of Superstore

September 22, 2016

Superstore creator Justin Spitzer is no stranger to workplace comedies. Having worked as a writer on Scrubs and The Office, it was only a matter of time before he created his own fictional world. Superstore, the unusual and always funny workplace comedy, focuses on a big-box store and the employees that keep it well-oiled and running. Although they only have one season under their belts, the cast gives the impression that they’ve been friends for years. We caught up with Ben Feldman (Mad Men, Drop Dead Diva), Lauren Ash (Super Fun Night, Lars and the Real Girl) and Nico Santos to get the scoop on Season Two, which premieres tonight at 8/7c on NBC!

Part of why audiences love the show so much is because of the chemistry of the cast. Was that something that developed over the first season, or was it more immediate than that?

Lauren Ash: It was pretty immediate. I think right from the beginning. Before we even started filming, Ben sent out an email being like “I want us all to be friends. Let’s go out.” Everybody was on board. It just felt natural, and now it’s great! You just get to go and hang out with your buddies all day.

Ben Feldman: We’ve become really co-dependent.

What are viewers going to get most excited about in the second season?

BF: Nudity!

Nico Santos: Haha well I think a lot of fans of the show have been asking if I was going to get a love interest, and [creator] Justin [Spitzer] is going to deliver on that promise!

LA: I think audiences are really going to love Dina again. Everybody hates her right now, and they’re going to continue to hate her for a little while, but my dream and hope and belief is that she will redeem herself fairly soon.

From L to R: Ben Feldman, Nico Santos, and Lauren Ash.

From L to R: Ben Feldman, Nico Santos, and Lauren Ash.

Do you have other projects outside of the show that you’re currently working on? Or any passion projects outside of acting?

LA: Well we’re hyper-focused on the show so it doesn’t really leave us much time. We did have a break between seasons, but once we get into it, it’s pretty all-consuming.

NS: My background is in stand-up and I still love it!

BF: Not to sound like a d-bag but I do a lot of charity work! My wife and I are on the board of an Alzheimer charity, but beyond that, no I don’t have any hobbies. Man, I used to have a wine label and I used to sound so cool during interviews…

LA: I like to write, so I’m working on a bunch of different things right now and I do sketch comedy as well with one of my best friends.

BF: Yeah you direct other people in the cast in sketch comedy!

LA: That’s true! Actually Nichole [Bloom] and her friend were writing a sketch show so I directed it which was really fun—and I play music! I don’t know if you guys even know this!

BF: What?!?

LA: Haha yes! I’ve been working on this weird thing inspired by a Canadian punk band from the 90s.

BF: Can I be a guest on the project? Can I be your bongo player?!

LA: Absolutely! You got it.


Read our interview with Ben Feldman (Mad Men, Drop Dead Diva), Lauren Ash (Super Fun Night, Lars and the Real Girl) and Nico Santos above, and make sure to watch the Season 2 premiere tonight at 8/7c on NBC!


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