The Boys Are Back!

March 9, 2017

Womanizing ex-con Hap and his short-fused buddy Leonard are back for another round of trouble in Season 2 of SUNDANCE TV’s Hap and Leonard. The network’s highest-rated original series swaggers to screens on March 15th, with a new 6-episode season. This go round, we find out that Leonard’s Uncle Chester is dead… and a baby skeleton is discovered under the floorboards of deceased Chester’s house. Convinced that his kin wasn’t one for murdering babes, Leonard recruits Hap on a sleuthing mission to figure out who really dun it.

Set in the 80s, in swampy working-class East Texas, the show’s based on the celebrated novel series published by writer Joe R. Lansdale. Season 2 gets its inspo from Mucho Mojo, the second book in the collection. Oh, and good news for all you diehard fans! James Purefoy returns as Hap Collins—a white blue-collar dude who did time for dodging Vietnam. Michael Kenneth Williams returns as Leonard Pine—a black, gay ’Nam vet with bad temper issues.

Meanwhile Golden Globe winner Brian Dennehy joins the cast as a recurring guest star, as does Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize winner Irma P. Hall. In a nutshell, you’re getting more! More eccentric characters and much more seedy fun!

No need to go looking for trouble—it’s here. Watch the series premiere of Hap and Leonard Wednesday, March 15 on SUNDANCE TV.