April 10, 2015

Access your DVR from any TV in your home.

With DIRECTV Whole Home service, you get a full HD DVR experience on every TV in your home, without a box in every room! Everyone in the family can watch their recorded shows and movies from any TV–not just the one connected to your HD DVR.

To access from any room:

  • Press the LIST button on your remote
  • Press the DASH button
  • SELECT ALL to access shows from any DVR in your home
  • SELECT LOCAL PLAYLIST to see only shows recorded to your current room's DVR

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DIRECTV and MLB EXTRA INNINGS bring you almost 100 out-of-market games a week, with 99% in stunning HD.

Stream live games on all your mobile devices with MLB.TV, the #1 rated live-streaming
sports service.
See 8 live games at once with GameMix, only on DIRECTV.
On your Genie/HD DVR/HD Receiver, pick between live and dual feeds for home and away broadcasts.
On your SD/DVR Receiver, get live look-ins, instant analysis & more–all day on MLB Network.

Don't miss a pitch. Find out more at

Better TV. Better Planet.

April is Earth Month, but at DIRECTV, we celebrate all year long! And as a DIRECTV customer, you can feel good knowing you chose the only television provider named Energy Star Partner of the Year three years in a row!

Here’s what we did to be green this year:

  • Reduced carbon emissions by 35,000 METRIC TONS
  • 24 MILLION pounds of scrap electronics recycled
  • FREE electronics recycling to customers via
  • 13,600 TONS of waste from landfill diverted

Every serve, every swing, every match.

No one delivers a Grand Slam like DIRECTV! Follow all the action from Roland Garros using the EXCLUSIVE Mix Channel and enjoy bonus features only available on DIRECTV.

Match Guide
Browse all matches in progress

Recent Results
Follow the scoring in real time

Player Bios
Get to know the players

May 24-31    CH. 701-707

Create a custom channel list.

There's a faster way to find the channels you love to watch most without having to scan the guide–create your own personalized Favorites Lists. You can set two, so you can make one for yourself and one for the kids.

HD Customers:

  1. Press the MENU button, select SETTINGS & HELP
  2. SELECT Favorites Channels
  3. SELECT Custom 1
  4. Choose your favorite channels

To access your Favorites List anytime:

  • Press the INFO button
  • Arrow Right to FAVORITES
  • PRESS GUIDE and View the Favorites List of your choice

SD & DVR Customers:

  1. Press the GUIDE button, then the YELLOW button
  2. SELECT Change Favorites List
  3. SELECT Setup Custom 1 or Setup Custom 2
  4. Choose your favorite channels

To access your Favorites List anytime:

  • Press the INFO button
  • Arrow Right to FAVORITES
  • View the Favorites List of your choice

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Access your bill anytime, anywhere.

Your DIRECTV statement is now available online, 24/7 even if you receive your monthly bill by mail. Use your computer, laptop or mobile device to access past and current statements.

  1. Activate your online account at
  2. Log into your account on
  3. Select "View your statement"